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June - September 2024


Solo exhibit

'Bringing all the boys to the yard' (2023)

6"x9" hand-cut collage

[6119] Bringing all the boys to the yard

November 2023 (ongoing)

On display!

Mural size of 'A jam called Saturdays' (2023)

WINNER!!!    Vacant Storefront Design Contest

Cambridge CX

144 Morgan Avenue, Cambridge MA 02141

July - December 2023

The Fine Art of Wasting Space

Solo exhibit

Culture Espresso

72 W. 38th St.  NY, NY

The Fine Art of Wasting Space

July 2023

Cover art:
The 7 day Weekend - 

High feat. Sonya Rae Taylor

[6087] High (for 7 day weekend)_edited.jpg

June 2023


8"x5" hand-cut collage sourced from vintage magazines.

A jam called Saturdays (2023)

Vacant Storefront Design Contest

City of Cambridge, MA

[6091] A jam called Saturdays.jpg

May 2023

"...there goes the neighborhood."

Solo exhibit


Mayor's Gallery

Newton City Hall

1000 Commonwealth Ave. Newton MA

[6136] There goes the neighborhood POSTERPOSTER.jpg

April 2023

Cover art:
Mill Town Rounders - 


[6165] MILL TOWN FINAL with text_edited.jpg

Cover art:
The 7 day Weekend - 

Lucid Trek

LUCID TREK rev 6082 copy.jpg

January 2023

Members Juried 2 exhibit

'The Living Room', 8"x8" hand-cut collage (2021)

Concord Art

37 Lexington Road, Concord MA 01742

November 2022

Cover art:
The 7 day Weekend - 

Show & Tell feat. Nephrok

'Show and Tell', 8"x8" hand-cut collage (2022)

REDFIELD 7 day weekend SHOW AND TELL cover art_edited.jpg

September 2022 (Ongoing)

106 Prospect St, Cambridge MA

Infused image coated aluminum prints on display and for sale.


Shadows and Ghosts (2021)

May 2022

Your Stairway Lies 
8"x4" hand-cut collage sourced from magazines.


July 2021

Cover art:
Sweatson Klank - 

Closer to the Essence

'Closer', 8"x8" hand-cut collage (2021)

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